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The Merry Summerfield
Cozy Mysteries


Hi from New Zealand!

Thank you for visiting me and catching up. You might already know me as Kris Pearson, romance author, but more and more my heart is in cozy mysteries. So - new haircut... new writing name... new books! I'm a gardener in my mother's footsteps, a writer forever (for both work and play), a constant reader, a sometime painter, and I talk too much.

Kris Pearson, who writes cozy mysteries as Kristie Klewes

Welcome to Drizzle Bay — home to my cozy mysteries!

My cozies are all (so far) set in Drizzle Bay — a not-quite-existing seaside village in my beautiful homeland of New Zealand — three green islands deep in the southern Pacific Ocean. This is where you'll find amazing scenery and people who live life to the full.


I suspect they live it even more fully in Drizzle Bay because I'm in charge! I like a little intrigue, and plenty of action. I hope you do too.

So come and meet Merry Summerfield, freelance book editor. Merry takes on pet-sitting contracts because she shares the family home with her somewhat staid lawyer brother, Graham, and she wants some privacy and freedom for romance, should she be so lucky. She can work anywhere on her laptop, and she adores cats and dogs, so it's ideal.

But she's so nosy. Definitely pokes her oar in where she shouldn't. And when she's on the trail of something not-quite-legal, who knows where it will end?

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Check out the BOOKS tab for all the titles so far.

And this special Drizzle Bay page gives you some local atmosphere. 

Check out the BOOKS tab for all the titles so far.

And this special Drizzle Bay page which gives you some local atmosphere.

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