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Body! they Barked

Body The Barked cover - woman and two German Sherherds

Red-soled shoes and red, red blood

I don’t often see expensive red-soled Christian Louboutin shoes in Drizzle Bay. And certainly not hanging out of a trash can on the end of long, slim legs. My latest pet-sitting charges are desperate for me to notice the grisly sight and are barking like crazy – pulling me straight into another murder mystery.

But who would want well-dressed Coral Clappe dead? With an apparently loving family, money galore, and a bonus beach house, it seems she led a charmed life. It’s not long, though, before perfection starts splintering. Goodness – the things that woman got up to!

As a law-abiding book editor I have a writers’ workshop to run before I start seriously sleuthing. Come to the workshop with me. Everyone has a theory about the murder but only one person knows the truth. (One person and maybe two huge German Shepherds.)

Detective Bruce Carver is hot on the trail, and this time he has a hunky new off-sider from Boston, Massachusetts. But because I found the body, I’d love to find the culprit, too.

This is the fourth of the Merry Summerfield cozy mysteries - and the cast from Drizzle Bay appears again - Vicar Paul and his sister, Heather... John Bonnington who may or may not be a Black Ops specialist... his mysterious partner at The Burkville Bar and Cafe, Erik... Detective Bruce Carver and his hunky new temporary offsider from Boston, Massachusetts... Iona and her cupcakes, Bernie the butcher, and of course Lord and Lady Drizzle. There are new faces, too - come and meet them all.

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