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Welcome to Drizzle Bay

It doesn't quite exist, but places like this inspire me. From the rolling hills which might be Lord Drizzle's farm... down to the sea that might be Drizzle Bay... let your imagination run wild.



Come for a walk on the beach

Breathe the salty air, feel the sand between your toes, and imagine

what Merry Summerfield and the crew might be getting up to next.

Kapiti Beach highway.jpeg
Paekakariki on the main highway north of Wellington. It really might be Drizzle Bay.
andrei-caliman-zWc43sR8MKw-unsplash (1).jpg
Come and enjoy the coffee and treats from Iona's Cafe.
New Dog Xmas_edited.png
The Derbyshire Dachshunds know this one starts with a leg of raw beef.
Flower heads of flax, and a Pohutukawa tree in bloom — real Kiwi beach icons.
A beer on the jetty.
A summertime walk in Drizzle Bay.
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